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This Easy Fix Will Get You Hitting Your 3-Wood Solid

We’re guessing your 3-wood isn’t your favorite club. And that’s understandable -- it’s a tough club to hit consistently.

Sean Foley, Justin Rose's current coach and Tiger’s former coach, says that part of the reason for this is because you’re trying to make it work for a variety of different yardages. Sometimes you might use it off the tee with a big driver swing, sometimes you might be swinging hard to squeak out a few extra yards on a short par 5. Moral of the story, you aren’t making the same swing with it every time. You’re not going to hit it well is you’re putting a different swing on it every time.


“To hone a smooth, consistent action with your 3-wood,” says Foley, “go to the practice tee and alternate shots with your 9-iron and 3-wood. Your goal is to feel like you have the 9-iron in your hands when you're hitting the longer club. Then, take that feeling to the course.”

Do this when you're warming up before your tee time this weekend, and your 3-wood is going to feel dialed in more.

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