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This Cyber Monday, let's all vow not to buy each other this toilet golf game

November 30, 2015

Look, we're as golf obsessed as anyone here. We have a putting green in our office; we shred up our carpet practicing our chipping -- all the normal stuff you can expect from people who are fixated on the game even after they leave the golf course.

But this? This is not normal.


The Potty Putter Toilet Golf Game is technically a novelty gift, but with some golfers you never know. In its commercial from a few years back, it positions itself as an opportunity for the time-crunched among us to shave those last few strokes off their game. Plus, there was this gem of digestive advice:

"When you're bored in the bathroom, you rush, and that's not healthy."

Perhaps the most curious image in the marketing material is this of a man setting aside his golf magazine to get in a few strokes. We're happy to report that is not an issue of Golf Digest.


Anyway, it's available for $7.65 on Amazon if you're so inclined. And please, for everyone's sake, should you actually see some improvement in your putting as a result of this "device," we beg you to keep it to yourself.