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This couple knew they were slow, left the guy behind them a sleeve of ProV1s

June 30, 2015

This is a PSA for everyone who plays slowly, and for everyone who gets stuck behind a group that plays slowly.

We can all agree that slow golf is the worst. There's nothing as painful as watching someone take four practice swings for every shot on their way to shooting 102. But there are a few situations that merit slow golf. The most obvious is people who are learning how to play. Whether they're juniors or adults picking the game up, you've got to cut them some slack when it comes to slow play on the course.

That said, if you are being slow on the course, let the group behind through. And if that's not possible, do something awesome like this:


This Reddit user was out playing by himself, and had a couple in front of him who were clearly learning how to play. The course was busy, so he couldn't play through. Instead of getting frustrated, he played two balls and let the couple do their thing. When he got to the last hole, the sleeve of ProV1s was waiting for him, with a note thanking him for being patient. It read simply: "Thanks for being so patient! Have fun!"

All around A+ handling of the situation, from both parties.