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This caddy bib thing bugs you

May 15, 2009

There are few certainties in life, but one of them is that we'll get a letter almost every week complaining that caddies, and often caddy Steve Williams, are removing their caddy bibs prior to their players holing out on the 18th green. It bugs you viewers (readers) and you tell us about it. The latest letters to Golf World on the subject:


__Dear Editor, Are there rules governing when a caddy can remove his/her bib at the end of a round? A group of friends and I notice that Tiger Woods caddy consistently removes his bib on the 18th hole before the players finish. While the other caddies tend the whole with their bibs on, Woods caddy does not. Or is it because this particular caddy has a sponsorship agreement that pays him to display their logo on his shirt?

Does the PGA Tour or USGA have rules that would enforce uniformity in this regard? Or is it up to each tournament/event? I'm sure after a long round every caddy ache to remove the bids. Not sure why one caddy would be allowed to do it. If for no other reason than maintaining comraderie and the class of the game.

D. Rodriguez>

Rochester, MI>

USGA Member__

<__blockquote>Dear Editor,

Why does Steve Williams feel compelled to remove his caddie vest when he gets to the 18th green? Why can't he wait to remove it until he leaves the green like all of the other caddies do? Does he think he's better than all of the other caddies? Is it because Valvoline pays him big bucks to show off his mock neck logoed shirt?__

Its funny how there are rules on the tour and then there are the rules for Tiger and his clan.

Andrew Cohoon

Metairie, LA

Gentlemen, as much as this bothers you, it seems less a hot topic with the Tour. We've learned from Andy Pazder of the Tour that there isn't a hard-and-fast, written rule about the exact length of time caddies are expected to wear bibs. The Tour says that they are expected to wear them during the competition. I think you can assume that the Tour (or the USGA for that matter) is not interested in picking a fight with Steve Williams or any other caddy about the early removal of bibs. Players begin to pack up at the 18th green, handing balls and glove over to the caddy, and the caddies seem to be doing the same with their "equipment."

--Bob Carney