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This betting bad beat is so rough it could keep you from gambling on sports ever again

December 04, 2017

There are betting bad beats and then there's what happened Friday night in a men's college basketball game between UNC and Davidson: The dreaded double bad beat.

As is always the case with extra painful gambling losses, it occurred on a meaningless possession. Although, in this case, it was two meaningless possessions. UNC -- favored by 11.5 -- was up 12 and with the ball in the closing seconds. There was no need for the Tar Heels to do anything, and yet point guard Jalek Felton ill-advisedly pushed the ball up the floor before even more ill-advisedly attempting a behind-the-back pass that was stolen. You can probably see where this is going.

After one pass, Davidson's John Axel Gudmundsson (Great name) waltzed in for an uncontested layup with two seconds on the clock to cut the lead to 10. Davidson had covered the spread. And now the game's point total had topped the over/under with some sports books. Check out the wild stupid sequence:

That's rough. And when something like that happens, it seems like it would be enough to make someone stop gambling altogether. Then again, being on the opposite sides of those bets would have been pretty fun. . .