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This battle between a snake and a mongoose on the golf course is both fascinating and terrifying

November 08, 2017

Remind me never to play golf in South Africa. I know, that sounds like such an ugly American thing to say, but when you see the following wildlife video, you might agree. It involves a giant (King cobra?) snake and a mongoose engaging each other on a golf course in Sun City, where this week's Nedbank Challenge is being contested on the European Tour. And the National Geographic-worthy clip is both terrifying and fascinating.

Thanks to former Ryder Cupper turned golf analyst Andrew Coltart for sharing. Although, we won't be surprised if there are a few late withdrawals from the event if players see this:

I mean, no wonder Gary Player flew all around the world to play golf. He wanted to get away from dangerous situations like that! Although, he's hosting this week's event. That's a brave man.

If I ever saw that on a golf course, I might quit the sport on the spot. The snake is one thing, but to see another animal (Coltart said in the comments that the mongoose eventually won this showdown) not scared to toy with it like that? No thanks. In any event, to those playing in this week's tournament, keep your head on a swivel.