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They've Been Ambushed

Those poor Bratton Brothers. Minding their own business. An annual tradition dating back to 1970--some family and seven friends and four decades later it has expanded to an intimate group of 90--taking four days for all things buddies golf. And we all know what buddies golf is by now. It's this fierce, recession-proof commitment to each other, the game and the secret handshake also known as being men. (Don't get excited. I know. Women dabble in it too.) And now the Bratton Brother's story, at least a portion of it, is frozen in time and being consumed by six million readers.

God bless print. It may be down, but it's not out. Everyone on this trip has something tangible. Something they can pull out of a drawer, off a shelf, off the wall, and present to future generations and say, "Look. I was in Golf Digest. There I am. There's your uncle.This is the trip I've been going on since (a long time ago). Those were the days. What a great group of guys."

And God bless the web. Because here's a short video bringing the Bratton Brothers Invitational to life.

And how crazy is Richard Poff's pre-shot routine? Say what you want about it, the guy can play.

--Matty G.