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These white golf shoes pack plenty of personality

June 29, 2017

Sure, white golf shoes are essential to any golfer’s arsenal of must-have footwear, but more often than not they can be so…boring. G/FORE is hoping to change that.

gfore two shoes.jpg

The company’s new “Collection Gallivanter” represents a set of clean-white kicks that are based on pops of bold, bright colors. Ranging from mint to navy, you can choose from one of 11 different hues, all of which would instantly add a stylish twist to an otherwise ho-hum outfit. Better yet, the shoe is designed to offer a comfortable, athletic fit. Its white leather upper is entirely waterproof and its spikeless, lightweight sole has a system of integrated traction that is designed to offer optimal grip. The shoe also comes with a washable, foam-cushion sock liner for an extra boost of comfort.

These Gallivanters ($185) would look best paired with a neutral outfit. An attempt to match a bright sole to a bold outfit would probably backfire, since color clashes rarely pass the style test. So instead, use a bright sole to add some pop to a neutral getup. Outfits based in white, gray, navy and/or black would elevate with the addition of a striking, eye-catching base.

gfore004-shoe-gallivanter-crossover-g (1).png