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These videos of golfers hitting flop shots over people are amazing -- and terrifying

March 28, 2016

You know that "trust exercise" where you let yourself fall backwards and someone else is supposed to catch you? Well, that has nothing on what some golfers are doing these days. Do you really want to prove to someone how much you trust them? Let them hit a flop shot over your head. From TWO feet away.

The guys at the golfgrinders Instagram account recently posted two such videos. They are both amazing and absolutely terrifying at the same time. Check them out:

Look how close that second one comes to drilling that dude in the head! You could replace that lefty with Phil Mickelson and I wouldn't let him try this on me.

We're not sure which takes more guts: letting someone do this or letting someone -- even Paige Spiranac -- hit a tee shot out of your mouth. Either way, we're glad no one was hurt in the filming of these videos. At least, that we know of. We'd hate to see the outtakes. . .