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These guys dressed like wizards at the British Open are stealing the show

TROON, Scotland -- Who are we to judge if you want to dress up like wizards and drink beers at 10 a.m.? Anything goes at the British Open.

A group of seven guys from Lancaster, England turned heads as soon as they arrived at Royal Troon on Saturday. European golf fans are known for wearing creative garb at big-time events, but these guys are every bit as interesting as any group of fans we've seen in awhile.


The English bros -- ranging in age from 22 to 31 -- also attended the Open at St. Andrews last year, but got rained out.

"So we just mostly drank beer all day," one of them said.

The group (Dean, Jonny, Gazzy, Hicko, Tim, John and Joe) were drinking Stellas and Budweisers (or "Americas," excuse me), wearing their sorcerer hats and robes and hanging by the 17th hole.


So, why the wizard outfits?

"You know, when you're around the green and make the ball spin back?" one quizzed me. "That's like wizardry. So we're here to bring some sorcery to the boys."

Again, who are we to judge?

The wizards also have some competition with a group of pink rabbits walking the course this morning. We're not sure who we'd take in a street fight if these boys started clashing -- let alone in a contest for the most hilariously dressed bogans walking the golf course. So we'll just leave that open-ended and present the photos side-by-side without comment.

The sorcerers group got some TV time on the world feed Saturday morning right after we caught up with them. If you don't catch them this week at Troon, don't worry: "We'll be back next year, too."