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These guys built a floating golf course and it's awesome

April 24, 2015

Andrew and Kevin Buckles are brothers who live in Nova Scotia and who are admittedly hack golfers. They're on a TV show called Brojects that's in its second season and airs on networks in Canada and Germany. On the show, they do monster do-it-yourself projects at their lake house -- like making outdoor gyms and pizza ovens.  A few episodes ago, they built a floating golf course on the lake, which is pure genius.

Obviously, I had to chat with these guys. Andrew says the idea came from a few beers, some floating golf balls, and pondering the age-old first world problem associated with lake houses: Being on the lake is so much fun, it's tough to leave it to go to the golf course. The solution? Build a floating golf course on the lake. You get to play golf, and you don't have to leave your sanctuary.

First, they built a floating cart. "It contains a putting green, a tee-box, a rooftop 'rough' as well as a scoreboard, bag holder, BBQ, and beer on tap hidden inside an old golf bag . . . . essentially everything you need for a round of golf.  The cart seats 4 comfortably. It is powered by an electric trolling motor," Andrew says.


Feast your eyes on all the glory that is Lake Golf below: