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These England goal reaction videos are the best thing going on the internet right now

We realize reaction videos are not a novel concept, especially for the World Cup. There's one from eight years ago (scary thought) that went viral after Landon Donovan scored the game-winning goal in the group stage against Algeria. Yeah, that's right, America was in the World Cup back then. Good times.

While all these reaction vids from crazy sports fans are great, none have done them better than England is currently doing them during this magical World Cup run. On Saturday, England defeated Sweden 2-0 to advance to the semifinals, and following each goal, the reaction vids began to pour in. Here a few of the best ones that I've been watching on repeat for the last hour, wishing I was in attendance for such legendary debauchery:

Justin Thomas is right, European fans are just plain better than us (ducks).

But seriously, they know how to celebrate big sports moments. Take this 2012 video of fans going wild over a nine-darter from Phil Taylor in Scotland for example:

Absolute SCENES as they'd say in Europe. Did I just reference a darts video? You're damn right I did. Just look at these people whipping beers around over DARTS. We can only imagine what the England fans are going to be like for the semifinal game on Wednesday, if they can recover by then.