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These are still the best winter golf gloves -- plus other apparel news

February 11, 2015

My friends and I haven't been able to play golf in about a month now, so I've been wearing my winter golf gloves mainly to walk the dog. The ones I like best are still Winter Xtreme, by HJ Glove. They're thick but flexible, and they have nice grippy silicone webbing on the palms and fingers. And Amazon has them in stock -- something that hasn't always been true.[#image: /photos/55ad7c03add713143b42bf77]|||xtreme.jpg|||

Meanwhile, our improved-and-personalized Jagermeister sweatshirts are back from the embroiderer:


We went to 1st and 10, our favorite sports bar, to hand them out, and also because it was 50-cent-wings night. Totally coincidentally, the owner of the bar was handing out Jagermeister jerseys with the name of the bar on them to guys on a bowling team that he sponsors:


When he saw that we were, in effect, Jagermeister brothers, he gave us jerseys, too. So when I went to Stop & Shop on the way home, to buy milk, baked beans, corn meal, and eggs, I was wearing two Jagermeister shirts, one on top of the other. And then a couple of days later the embroiderer finished our winter hats:


Now all we need is grass.