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These 6 new Bettinardi putters continue the company's unique style

December 12, 2015

The hallmark of Bettinardi milled putters has been craftsmanship mixed with unique thinking, and the 2016 line builds on that.

These six new additions include an expansion to the Studio Stock collection, a re-cast BB line and an innovative update to the company’s multi-material, high-stability mallet line called Inovai.

The classic BB line, which is milled from carbon steel, offers a midnight-black PVD finish with rainbow highlights and a stepless brushed-nickel-finish shaft. The honeycomb face-milled pattern is designed for a firmer feel.

BB1 Sole.jpg

Conversely, the Inovai 3.0 will feature parallel arms that extend back from the face to provide a more stable, face-balanced head for better off-center hit performance. The design combines 303 stainless steel bolted to an aluminum front piece.

Inovai 3.0 Face.jpg

Available Jan. 16, the BB Series and Inovai 3.0 will retail for $300 and the Studio Stock will be $400.

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