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There's No Reason to Not Have Perfect Golf Posture

April 10, 2018

To achieve correct golf posture, David Leadbetter says think about what position your body is in when you're bouncing a basketball. Without thinking about it, you achieve balance and coordination, and you're ready to support an athletic movement. That's what you need in golf, too. This is what Leadbetter says a correct 7-iron posture should look like:

—Feet about shoulder-width apart

—Feet in a neutral position, with your toes not pointing inward nor flared out too far

—Upper body bent over from your hips

—Tailbone back

—Chest and chin up

—Shoulders back

—Weight centered, so not too far out on your toes and not too far back on your heels. Think about keeping your weight centered under your shoe laces.

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Get in this great body position, without a club in your hands. Leadbetter says to let your arms hang down naturally and then clap your hands together. Right where your hands clap, that's where you should grip the club.

This easy little drill will get the club in the right position in relation to your body. If you're in correct golf posture when you address the ball, you'll have a much better chance of making a good swing.

These tips from Leadbetter are a small part of a video series of lessons we shot with David called The David Leadbetter Essentials. It includes six lessons, all around 10 minutes long, and covers the essentials of what every setup and swing needs.