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There's a newer (better) way to jam out on the golf course

January 24, 2014

ORLANDO -- Listening to music while playing golf is a growing movement within the game, fueled mostly by the Rickie Fowler-inspired younger generation.

That's the crowd Cobra-Puma is trying to tap into with its latest invention. The SoundChuck is essentially just a portable stereo system, but one specifically designed for golf.

The SoundChuck is cased in foam instead of plastic or metal to make it weather proof, and it's Bluetooth enabled, so it plays the music on your phone once you've synced the two. The two speakers are connected by a form cord so you can tie it around a golf bag or a club, and each speaker has a magnet in it, so they won't flop around while you walk. SoundChuck is currently only available at three retailers -- Golf Galaxy, Urban Outfitters, and the Apple store -- each for $130.

"We're speaking to a new generation with this product," Andrew Gilkison, Cobra-Puma Golf's vice president of the accessories division, said.