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There are countless reasons to envy Rory McIlroy, but apparently Nadia Forde isn't one of them

July 21, 2014

Just when you thought the stars had aligned once more in Rory McIlroy's universe -- claret jug in hand, big hug for Mom, big payday for Dad -- there is this about McIlroy's budding romance with Irish model Nadia Forde: actually, there is no budding romance.

Or at least that is what the Irish Independent is reporting following McIlroy's two-stroke win at Royal Liverpool. Citing friends of both McIlroy and Forde, the paper Monday said the two are not dating and have only been together recently because of mutual friends (Forde's fellow model and friend, Katie Larmour, is engaged to Rory's friend Harry Diamond).

According to a McIlroy friend, in fact, "she's not his type."

The new reports dampens a rumor that took hold last month, when Forde and McIlroy were spotted leaving a Dublin nightclub at 3 a.m. McIlroy dismissed talk of any relationship at the Scottish Open earlier this month, when he said "I'm very single and very happy at the minute." But after recently breaking off his engagement with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, McIlroy might intentionally be coy when talking about anyone else.

Regardless, McIlroy has plenty to keep himself occupied for now. After celebrating his Open win into the early hours Monday, he will soon set his sights on a second PGA Championship next month at Valhalla. Then there's the Ryder Cup in September, where the safe money is he'll again fly solo (Wozniacki didn't attend the matches at Medinah although the two were already dating in 2012). You'd think the young fella could scrape up a date by then, but it's tough out there. If you have a sister, keep him in mind.