Theragun rebrands itself as Therabody, releases quieter massage guns and a CBD line

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The Theragun line of massage-therapy devices have grown in popularity among athletes and weekend warriors. The handheld devices used to administer percussive therapy on targeted muscles to relieve tension, aid in recovery and prevent injury. The triangle-like devices have become a mainstay in locker rooms for elite athletes and athletic trainers, but the simple-to-use massager is a secret weapon for everyday athletes as well. In an effort to expand the company into an all-encompassing wellness brand, Theragun has since renamed itself Therabody. The massage guns—including four new devices—will keep the name Theragun, but will be accompanied by TheraOne CBD products under the larger Therabody collection.
Here's a look at what's new and what's coming from the rebranded Therabody line.

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The Therabody Theragun line now includes four massage guns, three of which have been given an upgrade. The Theragun Pro is the top-of-the-line model ($599). It has an adjustable arm for adaptable reach around the body, is built with a commercial-grade motor that's surprisingly quiet for the amount of force it is capable of (up to 60 lbs of force) and has a customizable speed range controlled on an OLED screen. Percussive therapy stimulates heat and blood flow deep into muscles while helping to bring more oxygen in and waste out of the body. Larger, tighter muscles require more force for the device to work deeper and more efficiently. The Pro is also enabled for wireless charging and comes with two swappable batteries that have 150-minute run times.

The Theragun Elite, $399 is slightly less expensive than the Pro. It also has a OLED screen with a customizable speed range, a motor designed to be quieter and is enabled for wireless charging. The battery lasts up to 120 minutes, and the device can deliver up to 40 lbs. of force.

The Theragun Prime comes in at $299, can deliver up to 30 lbs. of force and has five speed ranges that can be controlled with an accompanying app. The redesigned Therabody App adds additional features to the Prime, Elite and Pro through Bluetooth connectivity. It can integrate with Apple Health, Google Fit or Samsung Health to analyze your activity and deliver personalized suggestions on how to best use the Theragun to address your body's needs.

The Theragun Mini rounds out the collection with a compact size likely to appeal to golfers. Slightly larger than a rangefinder, the Mini ($199) offers portable muscle treatment that can fit in your golf bag. It's programmed to three speeds and is capable of force up to 20 lbs. It doesn't have bluetooth connectivity or wireless charging capabilities, but the battery lasts for 150 minutes and the motor is ultra-quiet.

The Pro, Prime, Elite and Mini are available now. Therabody also announced a vibrating foam roller coming soon called the Wave Roller. The $149 recovery tool is a "smart" foam roller that connects to the Therabody App to control intensity and tailor exercises to your body. The high-density foam roller measures 12-inches long.

Therabody has also joined the CBD movement with five full-spectrum CBD items launching soon, including two lotions, a body balm, an ingestible tincture and a massage oil. The products have a patent-pending Biosorb Technology to help the body absorb the CBD better to receive all the calming and anti-inflammatory benefits. Price range from $55 to $80.

The Activate CBD Lotion ($55) is a warming lotion to prepare the body for activity, ease stiffness and nourish skin. For post-activity, the Recover CBD Lotion ($55) delivers a cooling sensation with eucalyptus and peppermint oils to soothe muscles and natural anti-inflammatory benefits from arnica oil that also helps relieve muscle aches. Both lotions have a concentration of 300 mg CBD in the 2-ounce bottle.

TheraOne Revive balm comes in a jar ($65) or a stick ($75) form. CBD mixed with turmeric, menthol and shea butter helps relieve sore muscles in targeted areas. The most potent topical in the line, the balm has 500 mg CBD in the 1-ounce jar and 835mg in the 1.67-ounce stick.

The Soothe CBD Massage Oil has 500 mg CBD in the four-ounce bottle and mixes hydrating jojoba oil with relaxing lavender and calming eucalyptus for a tension-fighting body oil. The massage oil will cost $65.

The last CBD product in the TheraOne collection is an ingestible tincture designed to promote better sleep. The bottle (1 fl. oz for $80)) has 1000 mg of CBD, but the suggested use of 1 ml is about 30 mg of CBD per serving.

While the most obvious use of Theraguns is to relieve muscles and aid in recovery, a lesser-known benefit of percussive massage therapy is enhanced sleep. Using the device before bed on the arms, legs and glutes can relax the nervous system and promote a calmer rest. The company designed the Theragun and TheraOne products to be used in conjunction with one another to promote wellness in areas of need including sleep, recovery, muscle activation and overall tension relief.