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The Wyndham Championship printed an extra 49,000 tickets thanks to Tiger Woods

August 20, 2015

There are three incontrovertible facts in life: 1) You will die 2) You will never leave a Tyler Perry movie saying, "I'm glad I saw that" and 3) A "Why are you guys still covering him?" comment will grace the bottom of every post-2009 Tiger Woods article

Regarding the last item, we get it. Because of his performance, or lack thereof, people assume that Woods doesn't matter to the golf world. But, as the Kardashian family has proved, you don't have to have talent to garner the public's attention.

More to the point, the concept of Tiger Woods and all that comes with it -- is he done, does he have a comeback in him, etc. -- is not a media-driven narrative. Rather, we are reflecting the interest of the people. That was illustrated this week by Woods' announcement that he'd be playing in the Wyndham Championship:

According to the Golf Channel, over 6,000 extra tickets were sold for today's round in Greensboro, North Carolina, with an extra 10,000 expected for tomorrow. If Woods stays in contention following today's 64, that number could climb.

So yeah, cat is still a pretty big deal.