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The unrestrained joy of this announcer's albatross call will make your Monday

April 25, 2016

Despite the plugged-in nature of Twitter, Facebook and the 24-hour news cycle, items still fly under the radar, especially if they occur on the weekend. Double-down on that sentiment if it happens halfway across the world.

Which is how most in the United States are just now seeing this albatross from Scott Hend.

An albatross in itself is noteworthy; the odds of making a double eagle hover around 1,000,000-to-1 (compared to 12,700-to-one for an ace). But the call of Hend's albatross at the European Tour's Shenzhen International tournament in China takes this shot to an echelon of jubilation I did not know existed:

I've long held the stance that adding an Australian or Scottish accent to any moment brings an extra layer of awesomeness. This video validates that point.