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The University of Utah has a cry closet in its library, and we're all for it

April 25, 2018

The following news can only be digested in two distinct, incontrovertible fashions. One of utter disgust, correlating to a pessimistic and hopeless outlook for this great country, wondering where it all went wrong. The other of the, "Hey, that's not a bad idea," variety. Consider us firmly stationed in the latter.

It's finals week for many institutions of higher learning, meaning students are locked in the library, attempting to cram 10 weeks of neglected/forgotten material into 10 hours of study. It's a cauldron—one filled with self-doubt, sleep deprivation and stress—that produces some startling revelations. Such as, "I can't remember any of this," and "I'm not sure I really want to be an actuary," and, our favorite, "I am totally screwed." Epiphanies that make one want to curl up and bawl their eyes out.

Well, good news if you're attending the University of Utah: a local artist has installed a "Cry Closet," letting you turn on those waterworks in peace.

Listen, we get a crowd will look at this and scream "Typical Millennial!" or "Snowflake!" or whatever other mean stuff people post on nice, sentimental YouTube clips. But it's tough being a kid, especially one about to enter this hell hole of a real world adults have created. In fact, maybe our society wouldn't be so bad if we all had our own outward sobs on occasion. The one thing we can all agree on: some couple is definitely going to defile the Cry Closet, because #college.