Ryder CupSeptember 28, 2016

The ultimate Ryder Cup drinking game

The Ryder Cup is one of the most compelling events in golf. Not for the spirited competition, inherent patriotism or must-see theater; rather, the event is extremely conducive to drinking!

No matter the year or venue, certain clichés and storylines are regurgitated, offering a prime platform for viewers to get systematically inebriated. Due to the heightened nature of this year's match thanks to the European winning streak and United States "task force," the broadcast script at Hazeltine should facilitate its share of imbibing-induced fun.

The Golf Digest video team has put together a list for the ultimate Ryder Cup drinking game for this weekend, seen in the video above. We'd be remiss in forgetting to add the following rules:

  • Drink anytime "camaraderie" or team chemistry is brought up

  • Take a shot for every failed high-five between players and caddies

  • Drink anytime an announcer says, "You think (Player X) isn't fired up to be here?!?!"

  • Chug for "momentum" references

  • Drink anytime an announcer reminds us "It's not over yet" or that a match "Can swing quickly"

  • Shot when a player tries to explain how important the vice-captains are to the team

Be safe when participating in these shenanigans; after all, you can't enjoy the Ryder Cup champagne showers on Sunday if you crash out early Saturday afternoon! (Click here to download your own version of the rules.)


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