March MadnessApril 2, 2015

The Ultimate Golf Excuse Bracket

Golf is a game of misses, which ultimately means golf is a game of excuses. There is always the remote chance your poorly executed shot is a function of a lack of ability. But let's be real. More likely there's something else you can blame it on. What's the definition of a good golf excuse? That's up for you to decide. It could be perfectly viable, or utterly delusional. Remember during last year's PGA Championship when Bubba Watson was caught by microphones lamenting, "Water on the clubface!" That was a great golf excuse. Why? Because he believed it. We decided not to include "water on the clubface" in our golf excuse bracket, for the same reason we didn't include anything regarding "deactivated glutes." Too random. If we started a tour pro division, maybe we'll reconsider. Until then we give you our Ultimate Golf Excuse bracket, regular golfer division. Let the voting commence. No. 1 "We're waiting on every shot" vs. No. 1 "My lie was AWFUL"