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The Tour Championship of beer-drinking

October 06, 2015

While the Tour Championship was under way last month, the alcohol equivalent was taking place in a public park not far from my golf club. The winner was Nick P., the Sunday Morning Group's Jordan Spieth of beer-chugging. He dominated all six rounds, 30 ounces at a time. Here he is in the third round, halfway to the title. He's the competitor at the far left -- the one who finishes almost before the others have begun:

Notice, first, that he "slicks the pipe" before the round begins. Notice also that he de-foams his boot, and doesn't "drink" the beer, but, rather, turns his throat into a siphon, causing the beer, in effect, to drink itself -- an expert move known as a "Mulholland swallow." The video above was shot by his girlfriend, Mariana, who's an honorary semi-member of the Sunday Morning Group by virtue of having driven the beer cart during this year's men's member-guest -- which Nick and his partner, Carl, won. She was born in Peru and works for a fancy construction company. Here she and Nick are (drinking beer) during the putting contest:


Beer played a role in Nick and Carl's member-guest victory, too, because Fritz and Klinger caddied for them during the closing shoot-out and kept them focused by making timely applications of Bud Light. Here's Fritz preparing Carl for his final tee shot:


I drew Nick as a teammate the morning after his chugging victory. In golf, a hangover can work either way; in Nick's case, it worked the other way. Still, I was proud to walk the fairways with him. Here are Nick and Carl and our pro, Corey, with the member-guest trophy:


Nick's company, Custom Ts 'n More , embroidered the awesome golf shirts that he and Carl are wearing in the photo above, and it's embroidering awesome golf shirts for the Sunday Morning Group's sixteenth annual October golf trip to Atlantic City, which is coming up. Twenty guys, four rounds, free shirts, no casinos. More about all that soon.