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The top 5 player theme songs you'll hear at this year's Ryder Cup

September 26, 2014

GLENEAGLES, Scotland -- The first tee at the Ryder Cup on opening day is part sporting event, part sing along. On Friday, the boisterous members of the overwhelmingly pro-European crowd went well beyond their standard "Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole" chorus.

Each player on Team Europe gets his own song this year -- creative lyrics set to a popular tune -- courtesy of a group called "The Guardians of the Ryder Cup." These superfans were on hand to lead the singing in the grandstand as the matches got underway. We count down their five best creations with the accompanying music video they made. The clips don't quite capture what it was like to hear thousands of fans singing together, but you'll get the gist.


The Guardians of the Ryder Cup, front and center on Friday.

5. "That's Garcia" (Set to "That's Amore")

Best line: "He almost made the team with a third place in Italy, but captain Paul said 'Welcome, son,' you're good enough for me."

Captain's picks humor!

3. Eyes of the Poulter (Set to "Eye of the Tiger")

Best line: "Kaymer, Kaymer, Kaymer, Kaymer, Kaymer Chameleon, he won the Cup, he filled it u-up."

A little trickier to sing along to, but a crowd favorite nonetheless.

1. "Bjorn Beats the USA" (Set to "Born in the USA")

Best line: "His hot streaks are hotter than Beyonce's buns, and his cold streaks don't matter cause he's already won."

The undisputed winner. Even Bruce Springsteen himself would have to enjoy this one. Taking a patriotic American song and turn it into a rallying anthem for Team Europe? Brilliant.