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The Top 25 Viral Golf Videos Of 2015

December 21, 2015

Viral golf videos soared to another level in 2015. So much so that in whittling those featured in The Grind throughout the year to just the top 25, we decided to cut out commercials and PGA Tour highlights. From the scripted to the unplanned, the highlights to the fails, the cool to the weird, here are the results. Enjoy.

25. The Donald And Miss Universe Contestants

Before he was a presidential candidate, Donald Trump was just another guy who likes watching beautiful women play golf.

As you can see, The Donald is very inclusive when it comes to supermodels from other countries. But why is he wearing a golf glove and grabbing his belt buckle the entire time? Odd.

24. Matty The Machine

It's a rule that you must include Trump on any list in 2015, and in the world of golf, that same rule also applies to Matty du Plessis, who is arguably the most prolific viral golf video creator out there. From trick shots to music videos to interviewing PGA Tour stars, this 12-year-old does it all, and always provides fantastic reactions. There are too many videos to choose from, but here is his "9 Millennials Changing Golf," because it features Golf Digest's own Ashley Mayo at No. 1.

Oh, I'm in there, too? Hadn't noticed that. . .

23. Hallway Golf

This recurring segment on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon was at its best with Hugh Grant and Charles Barkley.

Poor Charles. He gets cheated out of a win by Fallon and has his swing made fun of by Grant. Ouch.

22. Iceberg Golf

When it comes to pure cinematography, nothing topped this video made by photographers Josh Nowicki and Seth Haley.

21. Fjord juggling

We'll keep the scenic icy theme going with this video of a Sigurdur Hauksson juggling a ball on his wedge and hitting a shot out of the air. Been there, done that, right? Wrong. Try doing the trick on a boulder suspended 3,245 feet above a fjord. Hauksson might have the best balance on the planet.

20. That's Teamwork

People couldn't get enough of these University of South Florida teammates pulling off the old hit-a-shot-off-another-person's-butt trick.

19. Varsity Blues

Watch Rory McIlroy, aka Mr. Fitness, aka Mr. Men's Health cover boy, lose an arm wrestling match to high school golfer Brad Dalke.

18. Varsity Greens

Golf isn't even Wes Wright's best sport. But that didn't stop the Houston-area high school quarterback from pulling off one of the best -- and cockiest -- golf trick shots of the year.

17. Making A Splash (Part 1)

Another high school golfer, James Nicholas, gained instant notoriety with this bold escape from a water hazard during the New York State Championship.

What made the shot more impressive was Nicholas went on to win.

16. Making A Splash (Part 2)

We didn't say anything about Web.com Tour highlights. Before Peter Malnati won on the PGA Tour, he garnered attention for this failed shot -- and reaction.

"Are you kidding me?! All that for that?!" At least Malnati just got a little dirty. This woman's fail in a hazard looked a lot more painful.

15. The Back Flip Flop

Do NOT try this at your home course.

14. Justin Bieber's Mulligans

It was a good year for Justin Bieber on the stage, but on the course was a different story.

You know things are going bad when you just go ahead an drop a whole sleeve of balls.

13. Golf Club Thief Eats Pavement

Watch this low-life get what he deserves when he trips and falls on his face while trying to steal a set of golf clubs. Unfortunately, he got away, but was later caught. Oh, and the video's golf-pun-filled commentary is fantastic.

12. World's Longest Golf Club

It's one thing to break your own wacky Guinness World Record. It's another to do it and then post a slow-motion video of the feat set to "Proud To Be An American." Simply mesmerizing.

11. The Fox And The Head Cover

We've officially entered the wildlife portion of the program. Check out this persistent fox try to steal a man's head cover three times, and then ultimately cause him to slip and fall.

10. Kangaroo chases golfers

Tell me this doesn't look like a scene straight out of Jurassic Park, only with a kangaroo instead of a dinosaur. Are kangaroos even dangerous?

9. Jeremy Roenick vs. A Gator

Gators definitely are dangerous and scary -- unless you're a big, bad hockey star like Jeremy Roenick. Watch him try to tackle one on the golf course. What a nut.

8. "Solheim Cup"

This isn't the LPGA Tour player Tiffany Joh's best work, but it's the one we noticed first. It turns out the creative Joh is a master of making music videos, so recognition on this list is long overdue. Call it a career achievement nod.

7. San Diego State Women's Golf

A group of attractive coeds pulling off team trick shots? Yeah, that was bound to be a hit.

The video got more than 2 million views. More importantly, it's what first introduced the world to. . .

6. Paige being Paige

Paige Spiranac graduated from San Diego State and then went to the head of the class when it came to Instagram stardom. Here's one of Paige's most popular posts, a video of her trying -- and failing -- a Happy Gilmore swing attempt.

She pulled it off shortly after.

5. The worst friend ever

Two buddies are playing golf together. One looks like he's a split-second away from making his first eagle, and the other kicks the ball away before we can see if the ball goes in the hole. That's not what friends are for.

4. The Train Whisperer

Technically, this is a vine, but it's too good to leave out. A marshal at Chambers Bay tried to tell a train to be quiet and still for Tiger Woods during the U.S. Open. You can't make it up!

3. The Tooth Fairy

Watch and squirm as a man pulls out his son's tooth by attaching it to a golf ball and hitting a shot.

You probably won't find this trick in any parenting guidebooks, but hey, it worked. And it drew more than 1 million views.

2. "Turbulators"

We said no commercials, but this is too raw of an ad to count. Plus, it also falls under the music video category. In any matter, these two guys created the funniest rap video of the year. Around a golf club. Impressive.

1. The Putt Heard Round The World

A woman with ALS drains a 78-foot putt on live TV at a charity event for ALS. We wouldn't believe it if there weren't visual evidence:

If that doesn't warm your heart, you're colder than the dude who kicked away his friend's eagle putt.