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The SwingWing: A simple, portable way to better golf

June 19, 2012

The SwingWing is a new take on a familiar, proven training aid (those with blades attached to a shaft), but one that is lighter, cheaper, portable and fits over your own club.

It is a wind-resistance trainer, inflatable in this case, weighing seven ounces and when deflated, easily stored in your golf bag. It sells for $29.99.

"Maybe 10 years ago I was swinging one of those water noodles you float on," its developer Dan Gitre said, "and I had one of those 'bingo' moments. I thought, 'maybe if I cut a chunk off and put it on a golf club and swing it.'"

He then began to wonder how he could devise one in the shape of an X and concluded he could do so as an inflatable product. The end result is something that is easily blown up and slips over the grip end of the club and down to the clubhead.

The SwingWing and other such devices help improve tempo, lag and body turn, helping to increase distance. Or it can simply be used as a quick warmup prior to playing.

"There are lots of different widgets that kind of do the same thing," Gitre said. "But the feedback I've gotten is that the simpler the better and the more affordable the better.

Gitre said to take what he calls the "10-swing challenge. If anybody's not sure, put it on your driver, swing it 10 times and take it off. Most people giggle. They're like, 'wow, the driver is like its weightless.' Blow it up, put it on your driver, swing 10 or 12 times, take it off and you're ready to play golf."

-- John Strege