The Style Blog: Q & A

November 08, 2011

Golf is a sport that poses some interesting wardrobe dilemmas, and GDW style guru (and Fitness Magazine fashion director) Argy Koutsothanasis is constantly asked questions from readers. Here are some of her answers:

__Q: I love golf but hate the tan lines I get on my feet when I wear shorts or skirts (even though I wear sunscreen). What can I do to combat this problem? __

A: I hate to admit it, but I don't get the chance to play golf enough to have this issue--but I've talked to the LPGA Tour's boldest shoe-fanatic, Christina Kim, about it before. Christina says sock tan lines are inevitable for avid golfers, even if you use plenty of sunblock and reapply every other hour, as you're supposed to. It's not a great look when you want to slip into a pair of sexy pumps and head for cocktails after a round, but Christina's secret is to leave the pumps behind and opt for cute, strappy heels instead. A shoe with an ankle strap works especially well, since the straps serve to disguise the tan lines.


Q: What's the most flattering way to hide a spare tire when you're playing golf? (I'm especially referring to the finish of the golf swing when the shirt rides up; I'm very self-conscious about that.)

A: There's no two ways about this one: wear a golf dress. The best thing about this one-piece solution is that you don't need to worry about tucking or adjusting, and there's no exposed skin during or after your swing.


*Q: Where can I find cool women's golf apparel on line? My pro shop doesn't carry much, and I'm tired of getting my golf clothes at The Gap.

A: Online shopping is definitely the way to go. Most e-tailers have great shipping and return policies, often allowing you to either receive or send back items purchased for free. Many of your favorite active golf brands have great selections to shop from on their own websites (such as,,, and there are several great online shops directed to women golfers, such as, and Each has a very eclectic selection that caters to different needs. Trendygolf is great for he edgiest and most fashionable finds. Lorisgolfshoppe offers classic golf styles in a variety of sizes. And Ladygolf has the most luxurious offerings of shoes and apparel.

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