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The Style Blog: Belt it out

Ever get that itch to just buy yourself a little something? I know it well -- it gets me in trouble every time. But there's something to be said for giving the itch a quick scratch. It boosts your mood, and a happy golfer is usually a better golfer. So when I get the I-need-to-buy-something-new urge, I pick myself up a little something that satisfies the craving without giving me that bloated feeling when I'm done. For instance, a belt. Belts come in all shapes and colors, and they're a great way to liven up a golf outfit without breaking the bank.

Go ahead, try it. It's a cinch.

--Argy Koutsothanasis


J. Crew Italian Leather Skinny Belt; $39.50, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9224add713143b431a5b]|||The Style Blog|||

Banana Republic Thin Braided Leather Belt; $39.50, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9224add713143b431a58]|||The Style Blog|||

Puma Golf Check Enamel Belt; $50, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9224b01eefe207f7644c]|||The Style Blog|||

Rugby by Ralph Lauren Grosgrain Ribbon Belt, $39.50, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9224add713143b431a5f]|||The Style Blog|||

Linea Pelle Collection Bo Multi Braid; $158, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9224b01eefe207f76453]|||The Style Blog|||

Vineyard Vines Fishbone Embroidered Canvas Belt; $45, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9224add713143b431a65]|||The Style Blog|||

Nike Golf Tech Essentials Web Belt; $20, Visit website