The StanceCheck iZone helps golfers control a critical element in your swing

October 22, 2019

Many golfers struggle with excessive head movement during the swing. Some sway or turn their heads away from the ball on the backswing, and others look up too quickly on the downswing. Both faults trigger inconsistent contact.

With the StanceCheck iZone glasses, you can learn to limit head movement either going back or swinging through. Removable black lenses block vision in the right or left eye. You get immediate feedback—you lose sight of the ball!—when too much movement occurs. On the backswing, the left-eye lens blocks vision when the head moves more than three inches away from the ball. If you tend to look up too soon on the downswing, you should train with the lens shielding the right eye. In both cases, you’d be wise to begin with half-swings and work up to full ones.