The SQRDUP is a fun tool to make sure your alignment is close to perfect

October 22, 2019

For a lot of amateurs, poor alignment is a real bugaboo. Many of you might already practice with clubs or alignment sticks on the ground. The SQRDUP, an 8-ounce unit with an adjustable tripod, is a cool alternative. Even in bright sunlight, the device throws a four-way laser beam—two perpendicular lines (like crosshairs)—that’s visible as you stand over the ball. You can check ball position, clubface angle and body alignment with the beams.

On the putting green, in full sun, you can see the beam pointing down the target line up to six feet in front of the ball. Even so, putting in direct sunlight is the product’s relative weakness. The SQRDUP works best for indoor putting: The beams are quite bright, and you can position the unit so one beam extends over the putterhead toward the target. The product comes with a rechargeable battery (using a USB power cord) that lasts three-plus hours.