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The Rock admits "Baywatch" sucked in Razzie acceptance speech, remains the light of our life

March 05, 2018
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Christopher Polk

Forget the Oscars. The most important Hollywood show this weekend was the Golden Raspberry Awards, aka "The Razzies," which, ahem, honors the worst work of cinema. Annually held the day before the Academy Awards, this year's Razzies went hard after the "Transformers: The Last Knight" and "The Emoji Movie." Which, hold on...they're still making Transformer movies? What the hell guys. No wonder I can't get my screenplay "By the Book" -- a movie about a cop that DOES play by the rules -- made.

Anyway, one of the night's "winners" was "Baywatch." The revival of the '90s sitcom about lifeguards slowly jogging down beaches was critically panned, rocking an 18 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Given the film's star, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was none too thrilled about said reviews during its release -- "Fans LOVE the movie. Critics HATE it. What a glaring disconnect. People just want to laugh & have fun" -- one would have thought Johnson would have delivered a People's Elbow to this news.

But, in case you forgot, the Rock is the man. And rather than ignore this ignominious prize, Johnson took it in stride:

Listen, I know most reasonable people don't want another celebrity to run for office. But, dammit, if we're going down this path, at least the Rock would take tackle the continuing chaos of the world with charm, inspirational quotes, and workout videos. A low bar, yes, but a helluva lot better than the Twitter feeds of others.