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The Resurgence of Hogan, a la McLean

Driving to work this morning I listened, as I often do, to the Fairways of Life Show with Matt Adams on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio. Today he interviewed Jim McLean, No. 3 among Golf Digest's 50 Best Teachers in America, about Jim's new book, The Complete Hogan. As I've said before, I love this book, even though I've never been a huge fan of the Hogan swing as it pertains to the average golfer. I also thought Hogan's swing was better after the accident (post 1950). But Jim enlightens us with the point that Hogan himself said he played his best golf in the late 1940s, which is when these film stills were taken.

For better players, and anyone who is a student of the golf swing, this book is a must read, as are Hogan's books Five Lessons and Power Golf. For the complete interview with McLean, click on the interview link below. Go to the 9:22 mark to listen to Jim discuss how he produced the Hogan book.

--*Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor