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The pimento cheese sandwich is not for the meek

April 07, 2011

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- They say if you go to the Masters, you must have a pimento cheese sandwich. They're on sale all over the grounds. When I first came here, a hundred years ago, I tried a pimento cheese sandwich. Then I retired from pimento cheese sandwiches and as time passed I'd forgotten exactly why I'd retired from the Georgia delicacy.


Photo by J.D. Cuban

"If you grew up in Georgia," said the Miami Herald wordsmith Edwin Pope, who grew up Georgia and lived to tell about it, "you had to eat pimento cheese sandwiches. I still eat 'em."

So today I tried one more.

Let me say I now remember why I retired from pimento cheese sandwiches.

They're the consistency of wallpaper paste with none of wallpaper paste's good taste.

-- Dave Kindred