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The PGA Tour debuts a sleeker media guide for 2010

January 04, 2010

KAPALUA, Hawaii -- Cash-strapped businesses around the world are cutting costs, and the PGA Tour is no exception.

To give just one example, get a load of the Official 2010 PGA Tour Media Guide. The guide, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, ballooned to 560 pages in 2009, but the 2010 edition is a sleeker 440 pages, a reduction of about 21 percent. The '09 guide had 11 sections; the '10 guide has just five. Among the subtractions were photos of PGA Tour staff members, officials and officers. Only three pages are devoted to sponsors. There is no Shot-Link information as in years past, or anything on Tournament Players Clubs.

More interestingly, The Presidents Cup is chopped down to one page. More curious, though, is the complete omission of any Ryder Cup information (except in the schedule) -- and this in a Ryder Cup year. We know that the PGA of America is the steward of the Ryder Cup, but the team qualifies via PGA Tour performance.

Hey, at least they put the FedExCup champion and Player of the Year on the cover. That would be No. 1 Tiger Woods, currently on voluntary sabbatical. By the way, his bio still takes up four pages.

--* Dave Shedloski