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The Perfect Shaft for Imperfect Swings

Editor's Note: This article is written in partnership with Fujikura.


Nobody takes a consistently perfect cut at the ball. Even the best players’ swings can be flawed. That’s why we all need as much help as possible when we step up to the tee. The engineers at Fujikura Golf understand that. They’re golfers, too, and they have been making top-quality shafts used by Tour pros and amateurs alike for 30 years. They are motivated to build products that help people play better and enjoy the game even more. Fujikura’s latest release is the 2024 Ventus, a breakthrough driver and fairway-wood shaft that can truly help golfers compensate for their swing imperfections, reduce the severity of their misses, and add some pop to their long game.

The secret of the 2024 Ventus is VeloCore+ – a new-and-improved version of Fujikura’s ground-breaking proprietary technology that stabilizes the clubhead through impact for consistent center-face contact. Imagine feeling flush contact way more often. “With VeloCore+, we re-engineered the key materials that made our original VeloCore, one of golf’s most recognized and sought-after technologies, even better,” says Spencer Reynolds, product and brand manager at Fujikura. “We took the original combination of ultra-high modulus materials, boosted their key performance elements and then integrated an all-new third material into the bias core to increase ball speeds, tighten shot dispersion and make impact feel incredible. Anyone trying the latest version will benefit from noticeable upticks in performance and immediately experience a livelier feel.” Imagine longer drives than with your current shaft – even if you’ve been playing the previous Ventus – as well as straighter flight with more consistency, regardless of your swing speed, unique swing motion, handicap, size, gender or ability. You will see a difference.

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