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The Peanut Putter from Fred Daly Golf

January 24, 2013

ORLANDO -- Fred Daly won the British Open in 1947, won the British Matchplay Championship three times, played on four Ryder Cup teams and designed and developed his own equipment under the name Fred Daly Golf.


Today, his son Robin Daly operates Fred Daly Golf and he is at the PGA Merchandise Show here, introducing his putter line to a U.S. audience for the first time. It's called the Peanut Putter.

Robin has removed weight from the top and bottom of the putter in the hitting area, hence the resultant shape of a peanut. But there is a utility in having done so, even beyond allowing the weight to be distributed to the perimters. It gives the putter a platform on which to set on the ground, what is called the Repeatable Anchor System.

"The club sets down right every time," Daly said. "It's a very simple idea. A lot of amateurs, a lot of pros, too, whenever their game goes off a little bit -- hands too high, too low -- this just keeps you in the same position."

Steve Webster, a winner of two European Tour events, has been using the Peanut Putter in Europe. It has been available there for five years, but is new to the U.S.