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The Phoenix Suns will play out the rest of the NBA season . . . on NBA 2K

March 13, 2020
Milan Games Week 2019

Emanuele Cremaschi

It's been a topsy-turvy season for the Phoenix Suns (and the NBA in general, but let's try to keep things light for a second). Devin Booker and company started hot, cooled down once expectations rose, maybe took some drugs and now find themselves frozen at a 26-39 record. Yes, that's 13th in the Western Conference, but it's a definitive improvement than in year's past. If they were in the East, they'd be in the playoff picture, which doesn't mean much, but whatever. Let us live our lives.

So despite the NBA's indefinite suspension of the 2019-20 season, the semi-resurgent Suns don't want to go gently into the night, pledging to continue playing their games . . . on the interwebs.

Phoenix plans to play the rest of their games out on NBA 2K on Twitch. This weekend you can watch the Suns take on the Dallas Mavericks and the virtual duo of Luka Dončić and Kristaps Porziņģis.

There's also a chance that renowned Twitch streamer and hot-shooter Devin Booker might be taking part in the NBA 2K games. We don't know for sure yet, but we are certain that he has been on the site as of late, most explicitly when he found out the season was being postponed. Roll the clip!

The one thing that we at The Loop are wondering is whether there will be a chance to gamble on these games. We're obsessed with sports betting almost as much as (sometimes more than) the sport itself. I'm sure one of us—or all of us—would be depraved enough to put $50 on the under in an electronic Suns-Mavs contest.

Can we do this with March Madness too? Bring back the NCAA Basketball video game and simulate matchups with some cash being thrown around until our fingers bleed and we're forced to pick up a book. It may be the end times, but we're still going to find a way to lose money every chance we get.