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The Millennium Falcon is "secretly" hidden next to a golf course

November 09, 2017

Few pastimes conjure the level of spirit and fervor as Star Wars and golf, although, admittedly, the Venn Diagram of shared relations between the two is relatively small. Nevertheless, for fans of both, this story out of the United Kingdom is a dream come true.

Scenes for the upcoming movie The Last Jedi were shot in Surrey, England, and it appears following filming, the Millennium Falcon (if we have to explain what that is, might want to skip to the next article) was kept on site (Longcross Studios is also in the area). How do we know this? Thanks to the stealth work of some Star Wars zealots, who used Google Maps to discover the famous spaceship was "hidden" by shipping containers.

Why is this revelant to hackers? The Falcon's resting place is right next to a golf course.

Discovering a brand-new ball in search for one's wayward shot used to be the search party gold stand. Call us crazy, but stumbling upon the fastest ship in the galaxy might slightly top unearthing a shinny ProV1.