U.S. Open

Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (Course No. 2)

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The (latest) greatest golf photo of all time? The Arizona Cardinals tee it up

October 31, 2013

__[#image: /photos/55ad71d3b01eefe207f6868e]|||larry-fitzgeral-470.jpg|||

Why it qualifies:

-- Because in his tweet of the pic, Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald mentions the Cardinals had just finished practice, which is another way of saying, "Sure, we're only 4-4, but we play GOLF AFTER PRACTICE! Try *that *in Green Bay in late October!"

-- Because our Mr. Style would be heartened to know his emphasis on proper fit is being adhered to in the NFC West.

-- Because amidst his exceptionally well-dressed teammates, one Cardinal is wearing a V-neck T-shirt, camo cargo shorts, AND black socks with white shoes, and he looks like he's just daring you to say something about it.

-- Because if these guys want to play as a tensome, who's brave enough to try to stop them?__