The latest entry to the oversize-grip market

February 20, 2016

As the popularity of SuperStroke’s oversize grips has grown on tour and the consumer market, other companies are looking at ways to enter that space. That includes Golf Pride, the largest grip company in golf, which recently introduced its Tour SNSR Contour and Straight models. The idea behind oversize putter grips is straightforward: reduce the amount of movement in the hands and wrists during the stroke. Golf Pride’s answer to that issue are grips that have a wide, flat paddle on the top sculpted to encourage light hand pressure.


The Tour SNSR Straight is a non-tapered design made with a softer rubber to promote consistent pressure in each hand. The Tour SNSR Contour is a tapered design with a “pistol” upper that the company says is preferred by a majority of tour players. The grips ($25 each), which the company say are 40 percent softer than their other putter grips, have been used on the LPGA Tour by Michelle Wie and the PGA Tour by Kevin Chappell, come in 104 cubic-centimeter and 140 cc models and weigh 90 and 124 grams, respectively.