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The Ladies European Tour is experimenting, and sponsors are liking it

The third round of the Turkish Airlines Ladies Open just wrapped up, and no, there wasn't a weather delay.

The Ladies European Tour is tinkering with how fans watch LET events.

First, they broadcast live on YouTube. This is smart, because the amount of TV time that LET events gets is pretty low. They have made their tournaments insanely easy to access, and it's free.


Now they're seeing how it works with play on different days. Since golf tournaments typically happen from Thursday to Sunda, that means there isn't any live tournament golf to watch at the beginning of the week. The LET is experimenting with filling that gap.

The Turkish Airlines Ladies Open started on Sunday and the final round will be played on Wednesday.  This is the first tournament that they've tried with this schedule.

While there's no way to know if the new schedule works The LET's sponsors seem to be in favor of the change: The purse for this year's event is double what it was last year.