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The L.A. Kings have been taking the Stanley Cup to every golf course that will have them this summer

August 07, 2014

Hockey players have a curious relationship with golf. On the one hand, it is a preferred offseason pastime for NHLers -- a competitive outlet that does not involve routinely stitching up your forehead. On the other, it is also the fallback insult when referencing the disappointing end to a hockey season. As in, "Time to get out the golf clubs, losers!" (No one said hockey fans were especially clever.)

For instance, check out this photo NHL veteran Brad Richards (second from left) posted of his recent golf trip to Scotland. Along with Richards (and Fredrik Modin and Tim Taylor) that's Martin St. Louis on the far right. Both players were part of the New York Rangers' unsuccessful run to the Stanley Cup Finals this year, and both have that look that says, "This would be a lot more fun if we actually won the Cup."

And there's defenseman Jake Muzzin.

And lastly, there's Jarret Stoll, the plucky two-way center for the Kings who not only has the great fortune of being broadcaster Erin Andrews' boyfriend, but who also recently took the Cup home to his native Saskatchewan.

Here he is with his new best friend resting comfortably on the cart.

*"I'd favor the right side, but don't give away the cup." *

Get it? Cup?

Sorry. This is all still a little too raw for me.