British OpenJuly 15, 2015

The Jordan Spieth Slam-o-Meter: Wednesday at the Open Championship

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland -- Throughout this week, we'll update the status of Jordan Spieth becoming the first golfer to ever complete the calendar Grand Slam. On Wednesday, he had his pre-tournament press conference and he said all the right things -- or did he?

The Good: Man, is this guy polished. And confident. But not cocky. And not afraid of a little bad weather that is in the forecast.

"I think it's fun. We don't come over here to get -- if we wanted to get good weather we'd go play in California. We come over here because we want to embrace the opportunity of handling these conditions."

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But what about handling pressure?

"I just wasn't sure how I'd be able to handle the Masters this year leading all four rounds and being able to close it out. You don't sleep well on the lead in a major, and so to do it for a few days and still continue to play the best golf I've ever played and putt the best I've ever putted, that gave me a lot of confidence, and really that tournament right there established, hey, we can do this going forward in each one if we get the chance. We've done it before, why can't we do it again?"

Good point.

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The Bad: Spieth was asked if there were any advantages to arriving at St. Andrews late. He couldn't come up with any.

"I don't necessarily think there's any more advantages to arriving late. I think coming over earlier certainly could have helped. I just liked the fact that I could go somewhere where I could play hard and possibly win a PGA Tour event in preparation. But certainly more time on this golf course couldn't ever hurt anybody."

And Spieth may be thinking positively about the weather, but. . .

"I understand that there's a possibility for a lot of this tournament to be dependent on the draw the first two days, at least for a few strokes. It doesn't mean you can't make it up if you get the bad end of it, but it will be harder."

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And he doesn't sound like he's had enough time dealing with St. Andrews' winds -- an area which Tiger Woods said experience is most crucial -- either on his simulator:

"The course was a lot easier with 68 degrees and no breeze coming out of the air-conditioner in that room, so I got over here, and the real preparation really started."

Or in his practice rounds:

"Just the hardest part is definitely jet lag and probably the fact that we've had perfect weather playing this golf course, so it seems a little easier than I think it'll play. So I would have liked to see tougher conditions in practice rounds to get used to prevailing winds and wind switches."

Wait, jet lag? Oh boy. . .

Spieth Slam-o-Meter Rating: 5. We're lowering this a notch from Monday because Spieth is clearly acknowledging that showing up late hasn't helped his chances this week. Or maybe, just maybe, he's tricking us into thinking that's what he's thinking. Nah, he seems like he's too good of a dude to do that. Likability rating up, Slam-o-Meter rating down as we head into the actual tournament. Now the fun starts.

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