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The John Daly Cocktail: Grip it and sip it

December 08, 2012

John Daly no longer drinks -- "4 years May," he wrote on Twitter -- but alcohol again will be part of his life with the introduction of The Original John Daly Cocktail, featuring three flavors, including the original: sweet tea, lemonade and vodka.

The business venture is in response to Daly's anger over bars across America serving John Dalys (Daly's former cocktail of choice, sweet tea, lemonade and vodka).

"My name is on 14 thou menus illegally not fair to me so I'm bringing my John Daly drink out its better," he wrote on Twitter.

Two years ago, he apparently set out to squelch bars featuring the John Daly on its menus, putting out this Twitter plea: "For all my fans out there hittin the bars & events I'm lookin for your help--ANY PRINTED MENUS, BANNERS OR ADS promoting the 'John Daly' drink--Can you please bring to my attention with a pic and/or a tweet of the bar location & brand of sweet tea! Thanks for lookin out!"

The Original John Daly Cocktail ("Grip it and sip it," it says on the top of the label, a takeoff of his renowned swing philosophy, grip it and rip) will debut in BevMo stores in California, Nevada and Arizona, with the intention of taking it globally, he wrote on Twitter.

"I don't drink anymore but tired of people using my name and serving a bad john Daly my drink is awesome," he wrote.