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The guy who ate 39 pimento cheese sandwiches, and lived to tell about it

April 08, 2011

AUGUSTA, Ga., -- So I'm at the 8th hole crosswalk when I hear this conversation. Somebody says, "Coleman here, he loves him some pimento cheese." The second says, "I'm gonna win the bet." Here I say, "You're betting on pimento cheese sandwiches?"

As established in this space yesterday, pimento cheese sandwiches are goop, only less tasty. Most Americans are threatened by pimento cheese sandwiches just once a year, at the Masters, $1.50 each. They're swiss cheese, bad enough, ruined by the insertion of tiny specks of red pimento peppers.

It was about noon when I met Coleman Clements, 39, of Griffin, Ga. He'd already eaten two pimento cheese sandwiches and was hungry for lunch. "At Christmas one year," he said, "this woman made 'em in itty-bitty triangles, with the bread real fluffy, and I ate 39 of 'em. The Georgia Christmas record, I do believe. They're big at weddings, too. Pimento cheese sandwiches are heavenly delights."

His partners today whispered their betting numbers to me. The low guess was 3, the high was 6. They promised to call me with the winning number. Stay tuned.

Update: The final total was five. The winner of the bet was Kyle Woodall. Congratulations.

-- Dave Kindred