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The guy in this commercial clearly just topped his drive

December 15, 2014

If you watched the PNC Father-Son Challenge last weekend, you probably saw this commercial from Oppenheimer Funds. The ad said everything you'd expect from a well-respected investment bank, but golf nuts everywhere couldn't help but notice something a little strange: About five seconds through, a man with a slightly steep swings seems to top his drive.


The guy in this TV advert clearly just topped his drive.

— Luke Kerr-Dineen (@LukeKerrDineen) December 15, 2014

@LukeKerrDineen hahaha! It hit the ground like an inch in front of the tee! #take2

— Luke Hansen (@ProfeLuke) December 15, 2014

@LukeKerrDineen haha - absolutely. Hilarious! They obviously went with the first take - no mulligan.

— Rob DeSalvo (@RMD1812) December 15, 2014

@LukeKerrDineen saw that yesterday. A divot with his driver

— Craig Caringer (@craig_caringer) December 15, 2014

— Kyle Porter (@KylePorterCBS) December 15, 2014

@KylePorterCBS @ryanballengee @lukekerrdineen That screen grab burns my eyes.

— Ashley Mayo (@AshleyKMayo) December 15, 2014

@AshleyKMayo @KylePorterCBS @lukekerrdineen Nicely done! "Get on...TOP...of your investments with Oppenheimer!"

— Ryan Ballengee (@RyanBallengee) December 15, 2014

@ashleykmayo @kyleportercbs @ryanballengee @lukekerrdineen Clearly ad agency creatives aren't playing enough golf. #GrowTheGame

— Tim Gavrich (@TimGavrich) December 15, 2014

— John Henry (@jkmhenry) December 15, 2014

@LukeKerrDineen I hope he replaces his divots.

— Anthony Doheny (@AnthonyDoheny) December 15, 2014

— Scott Michaux (@ScottMichaux) December 15, 2014 The full commercial, in all its glory: