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Spieth's Grand Slam hype, DJ's latest tragedy, Fox's rough start, and a new LPGA star is born (sort of)

Welcome to another edition of The Grind, where we don't know where to begin. Chambers Bay provided us with a young legend making more history, an all-time display of bitching from tour pros, and plenty of train wrecks -- although thankfully, none involving an actual train. Perhaps it's fitting that the Seattle area was the site of a short eagle putt for the win turning into a devastating loss. After all, the region's beloved Seahawks threw away a chance for a Super Bowl from the 1-yard line just a few months back. At least, Dustin Johnson just has to wait a few weeks for another crack at a major and not an entire season. And at least, this is his fiancee:


Paulina is BACK and DJ will be, too. In the meantime, let's try to make sense of it all.


Jordan Spieth: So much for a player-of-the-year debate this year. Spieth is just the sixth player to win the Masters and the U.S. Open in the same year and his 23-under total for the year's first two majors broke the 1953 record of a fellow Texan, Ben Hogan, by four shots. Remarkable. Can he become the first golfer to pull off the calendar Grand Slam? Probably not, but did you ever think you'd see a 21-year-old accomplishing things on the golf course that Tiger Woods didn't even do?


He'll get better handling these things the more he wins.

Chambers Bay: As Russell Crowe says in Gladiator: "Are you not entertained?!" Say what you will about the course, but it provided incredible theater down the stretch and identified the game's best player as its champion. We're not advocating it be the tournament's permanent venue, but every once in a while, why not? The USGA and Mike Davis wanted to test players mentally as much as physically and Chambers Bay did just that. Plus, at what other golf tournament have you ever seen a marshal try to silence a moving train? Nice try. . .

Jason Day: It's a shame that everyone was talking more about the crystals in his ear than his golf game, but what a gutsy performance. The guy collapsed in the middle of a major and still contended. Somewhere in Australia, they're probably starting production on a feature film titled, "Dayzed and Confused." We admired the effort and we just hope he doesn't turn into golf's Grant Hill, a super talented player who could just never seem to get healthy.

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Under Armour: What a year for this company. First, the brand's initial superstar client, Tom Brady, wins the Super Bowl. Then, the company locks up Jordan Spieth to a 10-year contract right before he begins his total world domination. Then Bryce Harper starts blowing up. And then another one of Under Armour's stars, Stephen Curry, wins the NBA MVP and leads his team to a championship. It seems every athlete the company sponsors is on fire! Well, except Hunter Mahan. . .


Dustin Johnson in a big spot: DJ has now lost a major with a total blowup, a stupid shot, a stupid rules violation, and a three-putt from close range. If there is a way to blow a big golf tournament, he will figure out a way to do it. And that's a shame after a truly incredible display of ball-striking for the week. Johnson made blasting his way around Chambers Bay look easy and hit two of the great shots under pressure that covered 600 yards you'll ever see. Unfortunately, he needed three more strokes from 12 feet thanks to blasting his winning eagle effort by the hole. Yes, he has riches and Paulina, but we can still feel bad for him. No one deserves to lose a golf tournament like that and no one deserves a major win more.

Billy Horschel: Look, nearly every player complained about Chambers Bay's greens so you know they weren't great. But none of them displayed the clownish, disgraceful antics on the course that Horschel did on Sunday. At least, when he missed putts. Whenever he rolled one in -- and he made a bunch during a 67 -- he acted like a professional. On Monday, Horschel took to Twitter to apologize for his antics. Good.

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Tiger Woods: Each time we think we've seen rock bottom for the 14-time major champ, he finds another low. All aspects of Woods' game were in disarray during his 80-76 performance at Chambers Bay. The craziest stat was he has now shot in the 80s three times in his last 15 rounds after only doing it once the first 1,107 times he teed it up as a pro. Tough to watch. Speaking of tough to watch. . .

Fox: To be fair, it's the network's first year doing golf and their crew was under more scrutiny than any broadcast team at a golf tournament ever, but the coverage was pretty brutal at times. Here's a quick tip for Fox: Don't have people who don't know anything about golf covering golf. Greg Norman did an OK job (other than his borderline man crush on Jason Day), but it's tough to find any other bright spots outside of Steve Flesch. Even our beloved Holly Sonders was disappointing. Our favorite reaction to the coverage came from New York radio personality Mike Francesa, whose radio show happens to be simulcast on Fox Sports 1. He declared he "could sit here and bury Fox, but I'll get to some calls." Instead, he did exactly that by launching into a fantastic five-minute rant.


The PGA Tour heads to Connecticut for the Travelers Championship, aka that event that takes place right after the U.S. Open. And good news for the players in the field: TPC Highlands doesn't have firm fescue greens!

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Random tournament fact: Kevin Streelman birdied the final seven holes to win this event last year. SEVEN straight birdies to win a PGA Tour event. And yet, you probably don't remember that because the Travelers is that event right after the U.S. Open. Sorry, Kevin.


-- Kevin Streelman will birdie the final eight holes to win again: 1 MILLION-to-1 odds

-- Jordan Spieth will complete the calendar Grand Slam: 25-to-1 odds (actual odds)

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-- You will be tired of hearing about Jordan Spieth going for the Grand Slam by the time the British Open gets here: LOCK


Darren Clarke grilling/setting fire to some steaks.

Not quite sure if @DarrenClarke60 is controlling this bbq!!!! 🍗🍗📥📥 @WestwoodLee @chubby6665 @Smartie13 @TeamISM

— Danny Willett (@Danny_Willett) June 18, 2015

In an Under Armour shirt, too. Under Armour. So hot right now.


It is an honor to be part of Matty Duplessis', aka @Md_18undapar "9 Millenials Changing the Voice of Golf." I'm No. 6 and amidst a lot of his own golf shots, he gives a quick shout out to The Grind. Check it out:

OK, so with 285 views (at least 10 of which are mine) this hasn't really gone viral yet.


"I just want to sit on my couch and drink beer and watch the U.S. Open." -- Steve Kerr. My man! After winning the NBA title, you deserve it.


Meet Christine Bently, a model/actress who plays an LPGA Tour pro on HBO's new show, "Ballers." At least, in the first episode, there's a scene where she's having sex with an agent and asking him, "Who's going to win the LPGA?! Who's going to win the LPGA?!" Don't the show's writers know the LPGA Championship is now the KPMG Women's PGA? Bad job by them. Anyway, there are no photos of Christine playing golf, so you'll just have to settle for these:

Take me back to #Miami! #sun #nomakeup #fitspo behind the scenes shooting for @Maximmag

A photo posted by Christine Bently (@bentlychristine) on Oct 27, 2013 at 5:09pm PDT

Maybe I'm not meant to be tamed.. Maybe I'm meant to run free until I find someone who can keep up.. 👆👌 💓💋💀

A photo posted by Christine Bently (@bentlychristine) on Aug 12, 2014 at 3:49pm PDT

Apparently, she's also pretty good at yoga. . .

A photo posted by Christine Bently (@bentlychristine) on Apr 25, 2013 at 4:35pm PDT


Louis Oosthuizen, who made a stunning late rally at Chambers Bay, usually travels with his own bed, but he wasn't able to bring it with him to the U.S. Open. So instead, he called his bed company and they made him a new one in Washington and got it to him for the week. Standard.



Oh, what could have been. . .



U.S. Open TV ratings were up from last year's final round when Martin Kaymer won in a blowout, but down 30 percent from the last time the tournament was played on the West Coast (2012). Fox will be rooting even harder for Tiger Woods to make the cut next year. . . . Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player AND Lee Trevino will work together to design the next golf course at the Greenbrier. Tom Watson, the former pro emeritus at the club, must be feeling left out. . . . Jordan Spieth will keep his committment to play the John Deere Classic, which means he might not make it to St. Andrews to begin his next step towards winning the Grand Slam until Monday. Another subplot to an already intriguing story! . . . Carl Bassewitz, 50, of Houston, Texas, got quite the Father's Day gift when DJ missed that putt, allowing him to win $1 million in the U.S. Open contest. I feel worse for whoever would have won if Johnson had won than for Johnson himself. . . . Also on tap is the 22nd HGGA Championship at Turning Stone, where I'll be trying to win our version of the green jacket for the first time in four years.


Is Dustin Johnson cursed?

How does Louis Oosthuizen not win more?

Does that green jacket still fit me?

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