The GrindDecember 18, 2014

Our Favorite 25 Viral Videos Of 2014

From trick shots to crying tots, we count down our favorite 25 viral videos from an eventful year in golf

Where did this epic golf-themed "Bohemian Rhapsody" parody rank on our list?

Where did this epic golf-themed "Bohemian Rhapsody" parody rank on our list?

Golf didn't have a "break the Internet" moment in 2014, but there were plenty of videos that went viral and we tried to cover all of them each week in The Grind

. So many, in fact, we decided not to include commercials in this year's list. From heart-warming to absurd to funny, there were plenty to pick from. So grab some popcorn and enjoy as we count down our favorite 25.

25. Two guys on a range

This grainy clip wound up on ESPN SportsCenter and sparked a wave of trick shot videos


24. One guy on a range

This was not one of the inspired trick shot videos we were referring to, although this embarrassing shot might be tougher -- and was certainly, more painful -- than all the others we saw in 2014 combined.

23. Bubba Golf = backwards mini-golf

Bubba seemed more excited to hole this putt than he was to win a second green jacket.

22. Rory's 55 straight made putts

We're not sure the exact distance (Six feet? Eight feet?) and we know this was just practice for the Tour Championship, but McIlroy nearly matching Joe DiMaggio's magic number was just another example of why he emerged as the clear World No. 1 in 2014.

21. Girl in the crowd fails to get Rory's attention

Because he can do things like make 55 putts in a row, Rory has a lot of female admirers. And because he has a lot of female admirers, apparently, it's possible for him to be completely oblivious when a MODEL is trying to get his attention

at a golf tournament. #iframe://|||

20. Goose attack!

There's really not much else to say.

19. Bear on a golf course!

This bear warmed our hearts with his/her flagstick dance. Aww.

18. "Bjorn Beats the USA"

The Guardians of the Ryder Cup are awesome. They made music videos for all the members of the European team, taking popular songs and changing the words. They also performed them live at the event on the opening tee. The videos don't quite do their live performances -- with thousands of other fans joining in -- justice, which is why they aren't higher on this list, but you get the point. There were many great songs

, but "Bjorn Beats the USA" (Think Bruce Springstein's "Born in the USA") was our favorite.

17. The longest four-foot putt ever

There's been some debate over whether or not this was real

. Either way, it looked incredible and it spread like wildfire to the tune of more than 3 million views on YouTube.

16. Tour caddie falls, breaks putter

Chesson Hadley's caddie, Josh Svendsen, tripped and fell

during the Wells Fargo Championship. As if having the incident recorded wasn't embarrassing enough, though, the fall actually damaged Hadley's putter, which caused a rules official to confer with the two and give the Golf Channel more reason to keep showing the blooper.

15. Jesper Parnevik falls, breaks rib

Be careful when you're riding your Segways

, everyone.

14. Belen Mozo channels inner Miguel Angel Jimenez

Jimenez's unorthodox pre-round stretching routine has drawn a lot of attention in recent years, but so did Belen's version. For obvious reasons.

13. He shoots, he scores!

Another trick shot, this time involving golf, football, and basketball. How is this even possible?!

12. Man loses his cool in a parking lot

Golf is an expensive hobby -- especially if you break all your clubs after a bad round.

11. DJ and Paulina meet TMZ

DJ gives a master class in not answering questions

in this ambush/interview at LAX airport.

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.

10. Fan makes 95-foot putt at basketball game

Patrick Burch made a putt across the entire length of a basketball court

to win a new car at an Auburn game. What was his secret? He doesn't play golf. Of course.

9. Toddler misses one-foot putt

Easily the best on-course reaction of the year. Sorry, kid, golf doesn't get any less frustrating.

8. Tiger and Tommy

Three-year-old Tommy Morrissey became an internet sensation in 2014 for his golf ability despite missing most of his right arm. In this clip, he gets to play with his idol, Tiger Woods.

7. Rory makes a kid's day week year

And one last adorable kid. This time, its a fan at a tournament who can't contain his excitement after Rory McIlroy gives him a golf ball.

6. John Daly and Kenny G perform duet

The clear winner of the "most unlikely duo to perform a surprisingly good version of a Bob Dylan classic" award.

5. Ice bucket challenge madness

We could have done a separate top 25 countdown of just ice bucket challenge videos from 2014. Easy. There was Holly Sonders'

particularly patriotic version, Tiger and Rory's

combined effort, and of course, the controversial Win McMurry

entry. But this one of actress Meghan Markle featuring a surprise cameo by McIlroy made the biggest, um, splash.

4. Bohemiam Rhapsody golf parody

This might be the best music video parody

of all time. Seriously, take a bow, guys.

3. Man falls through pro shop ceiling

We never got many details on this incident, but it didn't matter. A man fell through the ceiling of a pro shop

and everyone barely reacted. It's clips like these that remind us how lucky we are to have YouTube in our lives.

2. The "Mini-Masters"

Yes, this video contains clips from the 2013 Masters, but it came out in 2014. It also makes us laugh out loud every time we watch it. The overlaying of actual highlights. The actual commentary by CBS' announcers. The transposing of mini-golf elements on sacred Augusta National. Just brilliant.

1. Paulina Gretzky's (LEGIT) golf swing

How could this not get our top spot? For a golf magazine, we've mentioned Paulina Gretzky a lot both on our website

and in print

. And you know what? This video justified EVERYTHING. Look at that swing! By jove, our Paulina is a golfer!

A video posted by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on Jan 1, 2014 at 1:58pm PST