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The greatest golf photo of all time? Warren Buffett, Kathy Ireland and Ndamukong Suh

November 05, 2013

Why it qualifies:

-- Because it's tough to think of a more eclectic trio. Ever.

-- Because for once, the controversial Suh is pictured doing something other than trying to end another NFL player's career.

-- Because Kathy Ireland is Kathy Ireland.

-- Because the random guys in the background are randomly wearing cowboy hats.

-- Because look how into it these guys are! Ireland took off her shoes to get a better feel for the turf. Buffett is crouching to get a better view. Is his entire net worth riding on this putt?

-- Because Buffett was just as into it when it was his turn to putt:

-- Because that's the best "Did you see me get robbed on that putt?!" face we've seen in awhile.

-- Because even with the knowledge that these photos were taken at a 2013 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders conference in Omaha, Neb., they still don't make sense.